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15Jul 2016
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Tips for engine maintenance before storing your boat

Maintain the engine before store your boat in Mallorca or any other port. It is very important that you task or mechanical specialized must make so that your boat is kept in good condition.

Among the tasks to be performed before storing your boat :

  1. Check the level of antifreeze : Since this will allow engine remain optimal conditions during the winter . Being important to check that coolant level is correct.
  2. Perform oil change : If you store your boat for months . We recommend make a change engine oil . Since this will prevent tartar and dirt adhere to the walls of the engine.
  3. Perform a thorough cleaning of the engine : Since this will allow that it is in good condition the next time you want to use your boat .
8Jun 2016
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How to troubleshoot a problem in the gel coat

When boats impact against rocks or even wood dock. In normal part of the gel coat is lost. Which it is responsible for hermetically sealed fiberglass.

This being that when your boat loses some of the gel coat . What should be done to solve the problem is the following.

  1. Look for a company or a professional who provides water service .
  2. Verify that remove the pieces of gel coat that are loose around the area hit.
  3. See hit the area is sanded until the surface is smooth edges.
  4. When you have completely sanding the area hit . You should verify that this area is filled again with gel coat.

Of course, not all Boat shipyard will allow you to be aware of these tasks. So we recommend that the finish is correct.

24Apr 2016
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To care timber ship is necessary to consider a number of tips.

Which we listed below.

1. Use some abrasive brush: To clean the wood with soap and water we recommend using a soft bristle brush. Since stiff bristle brushes often cause fissures and cracks in the wood. Which then allow water to seep beneath the wood.
2. Apply a layer of oil on wood: Since this will help prevent the wood from cracking by its continuous exposure to the sun.
3. Remove excess oil: After 30 minutes should clean the wood with a newspaper. In order to remove all that excess oil that is left on the wood.