Maintenance and Cleaning

In our facilities we have the necessary equipment for the proper maintenance of your boats, keeping them in perfect condition and clean for the day you want to have them.

We offer a full maintenance of your boat:

  • Cleaning of the “obra viva”, with the goal to eliminate any salt water that is highly corrosive and harmful.
  • limpieza barcos palmaCleaning of the”obra muerta”, eliminating any organic waste and preparing the helmet to apply the antifouling on the near dates to return to the water.
  • Protection of rubber parts, straps and other moving parts.
  • Protection of steel and polished or chromed materials.
  • State in which cincs are found.
  • Check oil levels, refrigerant…
  • Disconnecting the batteries and maintaining them.

We can offer a photographic follow-up of the most complete maintenance works that are carried out, or that represent more complicated works (biminis, fiber, steels,…)


limpieza mantenimiento barcos