Transport for boats

Collection and delivery of the boat

Loading and unloading from the ground:

If your boat is stranded on land, we can load without using a crane. We carry out this operation using trailers conditioned for it, being very useful in cases where the boat is in a very inaccessible place.

In the same way, if you wish, we can unload the boat from the trailer to the ground, at the place you indicate.

Transporte barcos almacen

Loading and unloading from the water:

If you wish, we can do the loading and unloading of the boat using the port ramp or any other, without using the crane or the travelift.

This operation is carried out with trailers conditioned for this purpose and in this way we avoid the use of the crane service and therefore we reduce the costs of the whole service.                                                                                  .

Transporte barcos mallorca