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15Jul 2016
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Tips for engine maintenance before storing your boat

Maintain the engine before store your boat in Mallorca or any other port. It is very important that you task or mechanical specialized must make so that your boat is kept in good condition.

Among the tasks to be performed before storing your boat :

  1. Check the level of antifreeze : Since this will allow engine remain optimal conditions during the winter . Being important to check that coolant level is correct.
  2. Perform oil change : If you store your boat for months . We recommend make a change engine oil . Since this will prevent tartar and dirt adhere to the walls of the engine.
  3. Perform a thorough cleaning of the engine : Since this will allow that it is in good condition the next time you want to use your boat .
20Jun 2016
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What kind of boat storage exist?

Speaking of storage types of boats in the world. It should be mentioned that there are several. So then we mention what these with their respective characteristics.

  1. fiInternal Storage : With this service your boat rests inside a warehouse or hangar to protect it from the sun , rain, cold and other climatic factors .
  2. Storage outside covered : Through this service, the ship will be protected from the sun and rain. However, the cold could affect as the boat will be in a hangar without doors .
  3. Outdoor Storage : This is the most economical and frequent service that allows store the boat outdoors . Protecting only a tarp to prevent damage from the sun or birds living near the port.
28May 2016
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Characteristics of a good boat storage service

When a boat storage service is sought. It is vital to pay attention that this includes a number of features that we discuss below:

  1. Loading and unloading the boat: It allows the extraction of water boat and their subsequent placement on land.
  2. Service towing the boat: It allows transport the boat from the port to the facilities of the company and vice versa.
  3. Maintenance and cleaning of the boat: enabling a comprehensive maintenance the entire boat. In order that this can be stored sparkling clean inside the premises of the company.