Maintenance and boat cleaning

In our facilities we have the necessary means for the correct maintenance of your boats, keeping them in perfect and clean condition for the day you want to dispose of them.

We offer comprehensive maintenance of your boat:

  • Cleaning of the living work, in order to eliminate any residual salty water that is highly corrosive and harmful.
  • Cleaning of the dead work, eliminating any organic residue and preparing the hull to apply the antifouling on the dates close to returning to the water.
  • Protection of rubbery parts, straps and other moving parts.
    Protection of polished or chrome-plated steels and materials.
  • Condition of the zincs
  • Check oil and coolant levels.…
  • Battery disconnection and maintenance.

    We can offer a photographic follow-up of the most complete maintenance works that are carried out, or that represent more complicated works (biminis, fiber, steels…).

Repairs and maintenance

The ship's engines, gears, pulleys, screws and all the other technical part of a ship needs to be constantly used and more when it has been affected by highly varied weather conditions such as those faced by a ship. That is why at Galatzó we take care to review, maintain and repair your boat to make it ready for her return.

These costs may vary depending on what the boat needs, and of course, we will always consult with you in advance about the operations that we should carry out and their cost.

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Our Solutions


Your boat will be in the hands of a highly professional team with a lot of experience in the nautical sector

Complete coverage in Majorca

We are located in Calvià but we cover the entire coast of the island.

Full service

The set-up contemplates a holistic service so that you have your boat in the best condition when you need it, and when not.