Servicios de invernaje de embarcaciones, mantenimiento holístico y transporte marítimo.
There is nothing better than, once the winter season, meet our boat in perfect condition and ready for us to enjoy a walk.

That’s why in this case we share a number of tips that may be useful when preparing the boat for hibernation.

1. Safety:

This point is necessary to divide it into two parts because on one hand we protect the boat from damage caused by climatic factors, and on the other it up to any act of vandalism or theft.
In Galatzó surveillance vessels offer 24 hrs. This can be especially useful for those who have valuables inside it and they can not remove them during the storage period.

2. Motor Care:

Replacing an engine for not taking the necessary precautions for winterizing can cost a lot of money. Make sure you have placed an antifreeze inside the cooling system (although this is not 100% mandatory since it depends on the winter temperature in the area where the vessel is located) and no water is in the exchangers heat.
Many tank filled with oil to prevent condensation thereof. It is somewhat delicate and important recommend that advice with specialists to guide you on the best care to take.

3. Ventilation:

To prevent mold or mildew is generated inside, you need to take some precautions. If the area where it is located is characterized especially by moisture, then perhaps the best alternative is to buy a dehumidifier for nautical use. It is also important, in the case of placing an awning, the same count with holes to allow adequate ventilation.

4. Batteries and electrical equipment:

Regarding these batteries must remain loaded, so if possible the best is a battery charger that can be left permanently connected. If you do not have this possibility, at least go check every so often that they are charged, and if they are not recharged.

5. Repairs and spare parts:

Wintering season is the ideal place for all necessary repairs or missing parts we get time. Also check the expiration date of the beacons, and check vests and lifeboats. Do not be during this period and make sure all the changes that your boat needs to have it in perfect condition once the winter is over.

6. Cleaning:

To prevent odors, you should perform a deep cleaning around the boat and check that no trace of food or anything that can rot in those months inside the boat. Many companies hibernaje perform these tasks in addition to verification and maintenance of your boat. If you do not have the time necessary, this can be a good choice.

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